Small step with huge impact:

TNO opts for a better indoor climate with friendly bacteria

by GOM

GOM goes for Nature@TNO

A pilot project will start at TNO The Hague on October 4, 2021. Together with BioOrg and TNO facility, GOM is commemorating cleaning and will only clean with the help of billions of bacteria. These friendly and safe cleaning creatures form a living biofilter in the building. They purify the air and fight dust and pollution all around you 24/7. With this cleaning technology, no water and no detergent is needed. Revolutionary and completely safe?

How does BioOrg make a difference in cleaning?

BioOrg is a scientifically proven and patented method that introduces friendly bacteria into your indoor environment and creates a living ecosystem on site that purifies, cleans and protects.

Real impact in 3 areas:


Real impact on

your quality of life

BioOrg activates your immune system’s responsiveness by creating a natural ecosystem. In addition, BioOrg purifies the indoor air and turns your indoor environment into an emission-free zone.


Real impact on


BioOrg respects cleaners by making their working environment healthier, with zero-emission fluids and improved ergonomics.


Real impact on


BioOrg is an organic cleaning process without residual waste, which ensures that no water is wasted in the cleaning process.

View the indoor climate impact @TNO

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