Healthy outdoor air within the walls of your gym

Exercise indoors as if you were outdoors! BioOrg brings nature inside you. Our good bacteria from the forest create an indoor environment that actively purifies, heals and protects itself. A natural healthy environment without soap, without water and without much effort.

Better air quality

Up to 50% better air quality thanks to continuous purification of pollutants. Cleaner for longer

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Longer Clean

Our bacteria clean better than water and soap. Naturally clean and healthy.


Save time, water and soap with good bacteria that actively clean. 24/7

Boost immunity

No chemicals, no soap and no water. 100% purifying natural forces.

"Met BioOrg hebben we een stukje bos in huis gehaald. Onze schouwburg ademt, stof stapelt zich minder snel op en ons schoonmaakteam hoeft niet langer te werken met schadelijke chemicaliën. Alles ten goede van gezondheid en natuur.”

Kay Doms

Hoofd Realisatie – Arenbergschouwburg Antwerpen 

“Het Binnenbossen - programma van BioOrg maakt deel uit van onze duurzaamheidsstrategie. Bij KBC zijn we er trots op dat onze medewerkers kunnen werken in een veilige, schone en gezonde omgeving.”

Dorothy Hendrickx

Facility Purchase – KBC Bank 

“Met BioOrg passen we een volledig circulair systeem van schoonmaken toe in de administratieve centra van de Vlaamse Overheid. Bovendien vindt ons schoonmaak-team de BioOrg methode uiterst eenvoudig en zeer ergonomisch.”

Joffrey de Rouck

Manager Schoonmaak – Vlaamse Overheid

What is bioorg?

Exercise goes better in healthy indoor air

Athletes need healthy lungs, especially when practicing sports indoors.  BioOrg creates an ultra clean environment: in the changing rooms and showers, the sports equipment and the air in the gym or fitness club. The BioOrg bacteria tackle sweat odours, dust particles and other airborne contaminants as if they were nothing.

Save time and costs

Our bacteria polish harder and better. They are also cheaper

BioOrg bacteria work together around the clock to give your sports environment the same fresh healthy atmosphere as the forest. They do not mop, they do not use detergent and yet they clean harder and better. Your sports club stays clean longer, in a natural way and without you having to do much. Discover BioOrg’s spectacularly simple and super efficient cleaning and we will calculate for you how much you can save in cleaning.

An indoor forest for your customers

Every 50m² of BioOrg surface is home to as many bacteria as the branches and leaves of a single tree. In this sense, the BioOrg method is equivalent to planting an indoor forest in your building.

2.8 million m²

Indoor forest planted

112,000 litres

Chemicals avoided

7.1 million litres

Drinking water saved

Sounds a bit too good to be true? We'd love to bring the experience to you!

A BioOrg Partner will come to your home and dry fog an area for free and explain what you can do yourself to strengthen your old friends in your neighbourhood. Request your demo now.

A natural purifying ecosystem in your gym with BioOrg


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Billions of good bacteria are brought into your sports hall through dry fogging. They nestle on all surfaces and objects in the gym. There they find each other in a biological balance.


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Together, the good bacteria form a circular ecosystem that fights unwanted chemical compounds such as sweat smell. They clean the environment like a biofilter in a forest


BioOrg bacteria not only remove unwanted particles, they also break down dirt and dust. The environment is protected for a long time and stays clean longer. Without detergents or water, purely natural.

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You feel great. BioOrg bacteria enrich the microbiome and keep your immune system in balance. This reduces the chance of allergies, irritation of the airways and a ‘depressing indoor feeling’.

Contact the BioOrg partner in your region

Don’t take our word for it. Request your free demo and learn first-hand how BioOrg’s good bacteria can enrich your habitat, balance your immunity and ensure your well-being. Can’t find a BioOrg partner near you? Become a BioOrg cleaning partner yourself.

Can't see the wood for the trees?

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