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Discover how you can save up to 35% with BioOrg.

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How can you save?

BioOrg completely rethinks the way you look at your buildings, your cleaning budgets and the quality of life!

By redesigning all your cleaning processes, we achieve enormous time savings on all cleaning activities. Moreover, we promise to halve the frequency of cleaning tasks without loss of quality.

On the contrary, the quality of indoor living will increase sustainably.

How does BioOrg make a difference?

BioOrg is a scientifically proven and patented method that introduces friendly bacteria into your indoor environment, creating a living ecosystem on site that purifies,cleans andprotects.

BioOrg realises real impact in 4 areas.


Real impact on your


BioOrg increases cleaning speed(up to 30%!) andreduces cleaning frequency (up to 50%!), with a proven better visual cleaning result!


Real impact on your

quality of life

BioOrg activates the responsiveness of your immune system by creating a natural ecosystem. Moreover, BioOrg purifies the indoor air and makes your indoor environment a zero-emission zone.


Real impact on


BioOrg respects cleaners by making their work environment healthier, with zero-emission liquids and improved ergonomics.


Reële impact on the


BioOrg is an organic cleaning process with no residual waste, which ensures that no water is wasted in the cleaning process

With the BioOrg Spray & Wipe method, you can save up to 35%.

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