What our customers are saying about their indoor forest

Read here what our customers are saying about their BioOrg ecosystem. Always surprising and inspiring for us, I hope that this will also be an invitation for you to let BioOrg enter your living spaces!

“At the science park, we have chosen BioOrg as a partner from the start to not only help ensure a tidy building within incubator Darwin, but also and above all for a healthy indoor climate. In collaboration with BioOrg, we create a healthy ‘home flora’, which only benefits our employees. The fact that we also create an ‘Binnenbos’ and use water sparingly is of course a bonus. We are therefore proud of our Binnenbos certificate! “
Jade Verrept
Cluster Manager Wetenschapspark Universiteit Antwerpen
“The BioOrg Binnenbossen program is part of our sustainability strategy. At KBC, we are proud that our employees can work in a safe, clean and healthy environment. ”
Dorothy Heyndrickx
Facility Purchase – KBC Bank
“The BioOrg method allows us to do more in less time, so cleaning our stores has become much more efficient.”
Christa Dermez
Head of cleaning -Colruyt stores
“We have especially positive experiences with the use of the BioOrg products. The start was just as difficult because people were still used to the use of chemical products and the ‘bucket and mop method’ so to speak. Now everyone is involved. the story and predominantly positive. Especially the efficiency gains and the ergonomic use are a plus. In addition, it is also much more economical in use and the less wasting of water also plays a major role for us. “
Tom Lemmens – City Turnhout
Responsible for maintenance of buildings in the city of Turnhout
I like to use BioOrg to clean my house. I use it everywhere (from the kitchen to the bathroom to the basement). While doing so I discovered a number of useful applications: the BioOrg Surface Clean is really ideal for degreasing the hob and the extractor hood! Fingerprints will stay away longer on screens, mirrors and glass doors. I also notice that the house and the plants remain dust-free for much longer. I love to brush and mist with BioOrg: it is ergonomic working with a very fresh result!
Marthe D.
Satisfied customer
I have a subscription for the quarterly mist treatment where someone comes by from BioOrg to mist everything in my house (floors, ceilings, curtains, carpets, etc.). Afterwards I feel, smell and notice an enormous improvement in the air quality. I also have much less trouble with brushing and dusting. The healthy, fresh feeling at home, that’s why I chose BioOrg! :-)
Wout B.
Subscriber Mist treatment
Initially I got to know BioOrg through a nebulization at our home. We were immediately convinced, there is now just less dust in our house. My wife is less convinced of the effect of BioOrg against grease stains and lime, but as dust eaters they cannot be improved. I am a bicycle delivery person in and around Leuven and I also spray BioOrg on my cycling clothes, helmet and shoes. This keeps them smelling fresh for longer, especially in the summer. I also lightly mist the box of my cargo bike in the evening and notice that it smells fresh again in the morning. I am a very satisfied customer.
Dirk Delvaux
“We have been treating the air boxes, plenums and heat exchangers with BioOrg products for more than 10 years. The results are also regularly tested externally and confirm the added value in terms of cleaning and hygiene. Our installations also remain clean for much longer, which guarantees stable indoor air quality in our strategically important building. “
Eurocontrol Brussels
“With BioOrg we brought a piece of forest into our home. Our theater breathes, dust accumulates less quickly and our cleaning team no longer has to work with harmful chemicals. Everything for the good of health and nature.”
Kay Doms
Head of Realization – Arenberg Theater
“On Saturdays we often invite friends (at least for the corona era) and we cook with the family, make snacks, set the table, open a bottle of wine to be ready for our guests around 5 pm. To get the dirty fingers off the cupboards, fridge, hood, I go around with the BioOrg Surface.Clean aerosol and a microfibre cloth; everything is clean in just 10 minutes ”.
Sarah VC
Satisfied customer
“I use BioOrg cleaning products professionally in my work. This way I got to know the benefits of the different products. The next step was very simple; I also use the products for cleaning at home. “
Christophe D.
“A few weeks ago our cat was hit by a car in the evening; we immediately put him in a transport box, then in the trunk of the car and drove to the vet. Fortunately our cat survived, but the trunk of the car was covered with cat urine; carpet first wiped dry with a rag and then applied BioOrg Safe-Gel, let it soak in and then wipe dry again with a (different) rag. Finally, BioOrg Aero.Clean sprayed into the suitcase, and the next day no urine odor could be detected ”.
Satisfied customer
“We have recently started cleaning at home with products from BioOrg. Literally and figuratively a “relief”! Not only do we have to brush a lot less because of the much longer effect of the good bacteria on the dust. The glassware and our TV are also cleaned much easier with this! Spray with Surface Clean and wipe with a microfibre cloth! That’s it! We treat odors such as those of our dog “Myka” and the litter box of “Mauwi” with Odor Clean. Just spray and these scents are gone for a long time! Not only do we save a lot of time, it is also environmentally friendly and it smells like after a rain shower in the forest! ”
Els B.
“I run a B&B in the heart of Brussels, near a busy access road to our capital. In order not to use polluting products in our cleaning itself, which would only increase the strong pollution present (including particulate matter), the complete cleaning is carried out with BioOrg products, to great satisfaction. And when, despite the smoking ban, a guest has smoked in one of the rooms, we spray the BioOrg Aero.Clean and the smell of cigarettes disappears quickly.
Jo H
Satisfied customer – Brussels
My daughter suffers from hypersensitive airways and lives in a dorm in Brussels. To improve the air quality in her room, we regularly mist her room and the communal area with Dust.Clean, which means that she is noticeably less affected than before.
Luc C.
Satisfied customer
“In our building, which is constructed entirely according to the C2C principles, open-plan offices, open spaces and interior glass areas alternate. And that entails additional costs for cleaning. With BioOrg I have made these costs manageable. ”
Frederic Bia
Facility Director Bia Group Overijse
“Extremely positive results in the buildings that we are currently treating with BioOrg. Because this is a completely new process, we did of course do our homework beforehand and did not go without a hitch. see how the nebulization worked. After a whole year of working with BioOrg we can say that the results are very positive. It really is a Win-Win! Both for the cleaners and for the users of the room where BioOrg is nebulized. We have taken pictures of the situation before and after and are impressed themselves. The result is remarkably much better. We are going to treat even more rooms with BioOrg this year and of course you only do that if you are satisfied. “
Tim Geboers
Responsible for maintenance of the City of Herentals buildings
“The experience so far has been positive. The odor nuisance that used to be there due to intensive use of the hall has been greatly reduced. But since the room is now also used less intensively as a result of Covid, we can still insufficiently test to what extent this is due to the BioOrg atomization. We hope that after the pandemic we will use our room again as intensively and that we will be able to compare even better. ”
Hall responsible – Mattenzaal VTC De Mixx
“With BioOrg we apply a fully circular cleaning system in the administrative centers of the Flemish Government. In addition, our cleaning team finds the BioOrg method extremely simple and very ergonomic.”
Joffrey De Rouck
Manager Cleaning – Flemish Government
“I use BioOrg throughout the house, from the bathroom and toilets to the bedrooms, living room and kitchen. I even clean the windows with BioOrg Surface Clean. The cleaning goes really fast, the whole house smells amazingly fresh and I don’t have to work with water and a mop anymore. Dusting is half as frequent as before! Amazing, I am a true cleaning perfectionist and believe me, there is nothing better. I can now even polish the stainless steel extractor hood without streaks. The girls are very happy because they no longer need to help me as much with the cleaning. :-) ”
Fatima N.
Housewife – Lebbeke
“Rheumatoid arthritis has made it impossible for me to use buckets of water; so since I still want to clean my house myself, I am satisfied with the BioOrg solution. I only half fill the manual sprayer and can continue cleaning my house myself without too much effort. “
Family O
Satisfied customer

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