Odor. clean

What is it?

Odor. clean is a ready-to-use liquid that is used to deal at source with acute odour nuisances of organic origin.

Why use it?

For removing all organic odour sources in toilets, changing rooms, kitchens, carpets or waste receptacles, as well as tobacco odours, soot after a fire, paint odour and solvent odour after renovations, pet odour, sweat odour on clothing or in shoes, etc.

How does it work?

Spray the liquid in the air or on the object requiring treatment The bacteria naturally consume the organic molecules that are causing smell.
There’s no need to wipe with a cloth.
A layer of bacteria will continue to work for a long time until the molecules causing the odour are eliminated.

Cleans everything

Surface. clean

Tackles fine dust

Aero. clean