‘A completely natural cleaning and purification process
that’s in a category of its own.’

How does BioOrg work?

After years of research in European forests, Dr Filip Willocx from BioOrg came across various useful bacteria that live on the leaves and branches of trees. He selected a group of ten species that perform outstandingly in purifying various organic pollutants (fine dust, VOCs and allergens) and gradually eliminating the adhesive layers that trap visible contamination. Finally, the selected bacteria were tested for their safety and their ability to work together in a living ecosystem even inside buildings, and hence to metabolise visible and invisible contamination.

The bacteria convert the pollution they consume into energy in order to reproduce, leaving no residual dirt behind in the process. The population is self-maintaining, with the same bacteria being used to clean again and again. It’s a completely natural cleaning and purification process that’s in a category of its own. This technology has recently been protected by various international patents and is being successfully used by major customers at home and abroad.

How can I
save money
with BioOrg?

The BioOrg method will save you a lot of time because of the simplicity of the process. You’ll be able to clean more in less time thanks to the proactive purification power of the bacteria, and you won’t have to clean so often because less dust and dirt will adhere to everything. Less frequent vacuum-cleaning, less frequent washing of interior glass, much faster office and toilet cleaning: the time savings can really add up.


‘In our building, which is constructed entirely on C2C principles, open-plan offices, open spaces and interior glass partitions alternate. It all entails extra cleaning costs. With BioOrg I’ve brought those costs under control.’

Frederick Bia – Facility Director
Bia Group Genval

What impact will the BioOrg method have on my cleaning process?

BioOrg ensures better air quality and visibly reduces the presence of dust and dirt. Moreover, cleaning becomes a lot less arduous, as the ecosystem’s bacteria lighten the workload. BioOrg’s product range is suitable for cleaning toilets, furniture, floors and carpets, but also HVAC installations.


Sint-Jozef VZW, a residential and care centre run by the Curando Group, is using BioOrg to improve its cleaning process, leading to better results with less effort.

What long-term effects will the BioOrg method have on my business?

Together with businesses and employees, we ensure a healthy indoor environment. By using BioOrg, we plant indoor forests that eliminate visible and invisible pollution. The BioOrg cleaning system is completely circular: the bacteria’s natural cleaning energy is infinitely renewable and no residual contamination is left behind. We calculate the impact on people and the environment for every project.


‘The BioOrg indoor forests programme is part of our sustainability strategy. At KBC we’re proud that our employees can work in a safe, clean and healthy environment.’


Dorothy Heyndrickx – Facility Purchasing, KBC Bank