Frequently Asked Questions

What are good bacteria?

The organisms in BioOrg are a mix of ten different kinds of good bacteria that perform outstandingly in purifying various organic pollutants and gradually eliminating the adhesive layers that trap dirt. Ten different species were selected from European protected nature areas. They work together in a living ecosystem to consume visible and invisible pollution.

Are these bacteria dangerous for humans, animals or the environment?

No, they are benign bacteria which are completely harmless to humans, animals, plants and the environment. What’s more, they help to boost the immune system.

Are there no dangers associated with the use of the BioOrg cleaning products?

The BioOrg cleaning products are pH-neutral and leave no residues behind. They can be put down the drain without any problem and will even continue their purifying action there. You can use the BioOrg products without having to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles or a mouth mask, as indicated in the safety data sheets.

Can I spray BioOrg products on my mobile phone, PC or TV screen?

Absolutely! The droplet size is small enough not to form stains or damp spots. Spray a few millilitres on the screen, then dry with a microfibre cloth. Make sure not to spray too close to the object and not to spray too much product.

What odours can the bacteria tackle?

Any volatile organic compounds, including from sweat, urine, burning, cigarettes or rubbish. The spray washes the pollutants out of the air and causes them to precipitate. The bacteria then immediately start to ingest the compounds . In addition, they feed on the sources of organic volatile compounds, preventing more such compounds from forming.

Why do I have to use the spray repeatedly?

The BioOrg ecosystem is bio-dynamic. New dirt is being introduced all the time from people and materials, and it literally falls on top of the good bacteria. It’s therefore important to add a new load of good bacteria regularly.

Where can I use the BioOrg products?

Absolutely anywhere! The BioOrg cleaning method is intended for the visual cleaning of organic dirt. Want to remove graffiti or permanent marker? You’ll still need other products for that.

Can I use the BioOrg cleaning products in the kitchen?

In view of the HACCP regulations, we advise against using these bacteria in public catering kitchens. However, there is no problem with using the BioOrg cleaning products in refrigerators containing only packaged food items, or in canteens.

How should I store the products?

In a dry place and out of the sunlight, preferably at temperatures between 5°C and 40°C.

When I clean with BioOrg products, do I then have to disinfect?

No, disinfectants and biocides will kill the good bacteria and stop the BioOrg ecosystem from working.

Can resistant micro-organisms also become resistant to the BioOrg bacteria?

No, micro-organisms can only become resistant to chemicals such as disinfectants or antibiotics – not to other micro-organisms such as the BioOrg bacteria.

Can I buy BioOrg as a private individual?

As a private individual you can buy Surface. clean spray in the BioPlanet stores and via Collect & Go BioPlanet.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about BioOrg? You can always contact us by email or telephone.