What impact does the BioOrg ecosysteem have?

Personal hygiene and extreme care over your immediate environment are absolutely vital at present. This is even truer now than ever – for your own safety and that of everyone!

That’s why BioOrg draws on nature’s purifying power to tackle all visible and invisible contamination right down to the last nook or cranny. 

 BioOrg creates a bacterial ecosystem on surfaces with a spray (for a local effect) or mist (for a room-wide effect) of billions of bacteria.

The Bacillus species in the BioOrg ecosystem ensure that all surfaces on which they are sprayed:

– retain fewer dust and dirt particles due to a drying effect
– are cleared of fats, proteins and other organic material
– hold far fewer allergens, dust particles and solvents 

As a result, any environment where the BioOrg ecosystem is activated will have excellent indoor air quality.

We advise that after the use of biocides, treated contact surfaces are nebulized again with BioOrg liquids in order to re-install the benign BioOrg ecosystem.


and create a safe ecosystem around you.

  •  Misting in your interior spaces with Aero.clean
  • Aero.clean contains a mix of good bacteria
  • Electric misting by an experienced BioOrg activator
  • No wet traces left behind
  • Safe for humans, animals and the environment
  • From €0.25 per square metre

    *depending on the working conditions