How should my cleaning team use

BioOrg on my premises?

Your gains from using the BioOrg method in professional cleaning.

Get our specialists to work out the gains from using the BioOrg cleaning method for your business and for the building in which you clean. Have the quality improvement worked out in terms of cleaning, hygiene, safety and ergonomics.
Request an overview of the all-in formula tailored to your project that BioOrg can offer. From engineering to training and support, with results you can count on: BioOrg will make it happen for you, with guaranteed gains!

Office buildings

Working in the office is like being out in the fresh air! That’s what everyone says who experiences BioOrg in the office. By removing pollutants such as VOCs, fine dust and allergens from the interior atmosphere, you get a so-called…

Public buildings

Public buildings or complexes such as theatres, concert halls, auditoria or cinemas are difficult to clean and maintain. They tend to have a lot of users, and the expectations of visitors are high in terms of smell and hygiene in general and of the toilets in particular…


In the retail sector, costs are under constant pressure, and that includes cleaning costs. Here too, today’s customers expect a decent, pleasant shopping experience…

BioOrg bacteria can solve it!

Use BioOrg to solve specific problems that occur in your building, office, shop or business, such as annoying smells in changing rooms or toilets, unhealthy dust problems, complaints about allergens and VOCs, soot and fine dust in underground car parks, expensive carpet cleaning, complex maintenance of HVAC installations or odour removal after a fire.

BioOrg has a surprisingly simple way for you to deal with these problems: spraying with bacteria!