Cleaning without water!

Good bacteria from the forest that clean everything and purify the air.
Without water, chemicals or effort.

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Tackles fine dust

Aero. clean

Tackles fine dust

Surface. clean

Tackles odours

Odor. clean

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indoor forest .

How does BioOrg work?

Cleaning without water? It’s perfectly possible with the help of good bacteria! BioOrg combats both visible dirt and fine dust and allergens at the same time. In fact, it goes one step further, enriching your building’s microbiome with good bacteria from the forest. And enabling you to turn concrete deserts into flourishing indoor forests that make buildings healthy.

‘BioOrg is the new clean: visual cleaning and air purification are now combined. Without water, chemicals or effort. Because bacteria clean harder and better.’

How should my cleaning team use BioOrg on my premises?

The cleaners should spray good bacteria on all objects and surfaces. They should only wipe with a microfibre cloth or use a mop where necessary, so that biomass always remains to tackle dirt, visible dust and fine dust.


Public buildings.


Let nature in.
Discover the purifying power of Europe’s primeval forests.

Let nature into your premises

Find out how easy it can be to save water, stop using chemicals and leave a positive footprint in your own indoor environment?

Use good bacteria for cleaning and discover the purifying power of Europe’s primeval forests.

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Any questions?

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