Ellie discovers BioOrg and validates with “Meow”

Boom, Niel 01/10/2021

For years, Ellie has cleaned her practice with traditional disinfectants such as bleach and Dettol. She has now accepted the challenge of using BioOrg in the fight against odors, dust, traces and and odors.

We have known about the BioOrg product for some time … but it took a while before we dared to take the plunge to use it effectively for daily cleaning in our veterinary practice. When the current corona crisis started I was looking for a more efficient and safer way to clean everything. I had to rethink BioOrg’s bacteria-based products. We knew them, but we never dared to use them. Despite my belief in how BioOrg works… I have continued to use other products such as Bleach and Dettol for years. My philosophy was “a disinfectant tool is appropriate in a veterinary practice”. With the Corona crisis, I wanted to increase cleaning and disinfection, but I became painfully aware of how much cleaning product we use for this, and how many of these products are toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. So I wanted to switch to BioOrg’s principle. The more I read about the effect, the more I realized that I had already waited too long to test this product. Now it couldn’t go fast enough.

“The dirt came off very quickly and the spraying of the product made the cleaning ‘job’ much less difficult.”

It took some getting used to not filling up buckets with hot water and Dettol when scrubbing, but rather just starting with a rag and spray in your hands. Granted, vacuuming first as I had to remove the hair and large part of visible dirt first. The product quickly surprised me. The stains on a white surface, which I normally only manage with a scouring pad, were gone so easily and the surface looked new. The experience of the first use, much like a ritual, was quite pleasant. The smell and ease of use was striking… and on top of that there was of course the feeling of “bringing the forest into the house” that was left to me. The air / smell was so pure. A completely different smell than when I wash with other cleaning products. After a few hours of cleaning, I was done. I quickly realized that the time I was spending cleaning was much shorter than I expected. The dirt that came off so quickly and the spraying of the product made the cleaning “job” much less difficult.

“The surfaces that I dusted every day now stay cleaner longer”

I was impressed with BioOrg, fun to use, so pure and so effective. But the big surprise for me was yet to come. I had read that bacteria continued to feed on the dust and dirt in the room, but I couldn’t believe it. The dust is just no longer there! And it was impossible to ignore! The surfaces that I used to dust daily stayed clean much longer. Black background plates of hospital cages, computer screens, desks … everything remained dust free for a remarkably long time, whereas before I wiped daily with special cloths. In my practice, we just have a lot of animal dust and it flies all over the place. In the past, I had to clean the inside of the windows from top to bottom almost every week for our practice maintenance. Since I used BioOrg a month ago and wrote this experience, I haven’t touched them up anymore! (It’s imminent now, but it can probably wait another week). A fun and entertaining effect of using BioOrg: Dogs’ “favorite places to pee” were gone. There were two typical places in our practice where dogs liked to urinate. I sprayed more BioOrg on it… and not a single dog has urinated in these places since.

“I just finished faster”

Ellie continues to brush her teeth as often as before, but notices that she finishes cleaning much faster than before.

It is absolutely true what the BioOrg website states that there is a huge time saver when cleaning with BioOrg products. I myself see a 60% reduction in the time we spend cleaning, but most of all I like the even better result. It’s not that I clean or tidy less frequently in practice, but I just finish quicker! Before that my daily cleanse took 1.5 hours a day and a 6 hour deep clean once a week. This has now been reduced to just half an hour a day! And that’s just because most surfaces are still clean and misting is so fast, only floors with animal hair still need maintenance. Weekly maintenance also takes a lot less, now around 2 hours instead of the 6 hours I needed. The product is recommended, also for veterinarians.

“The biggest benefit? The air just got a lot healthier to work with.”

In addition to the benefit of cleaning (labor and time), the air has become so much more pleasant in our practice. The heavy air in our office, the smell of feces, all kinds of disinfectants, and the smell of surgery have now changed to clean, pleasant air. The feeling of healthy outdoor air. In the end, I think that’s the biggest advantage for me. It has become a healthier working environment. It was a concern that I had had for some time. But as we use BioOrg, the air is lighter, a forest feeling indeed. Which effect of BioOrg do I like the most? The whole concept! The reality that the product really works and does its job. The clean air we get, the dust that stays away for a long time. The litres of toxic cleaning products that we no longer use. I recommend it to many people. A word of advice: don’t wait as long as we did to test it!

Our advantages: more oxygen, less particles, less visual dust, less irritating particles, no bad odors, reduced PAHs, less adhesive layers on surfaces, improved immunity, increased mental agility, brighter light and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Peter - BioOrg
Peter - BioOrg

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