BioOrg is the new clean: visual cleaning and air purification now go hand in hand.

Dry fogging at the start of a BioOrg indoor forest


Spray & Go is the start of the indoor forest in your indoor area

A BioOrg Seeder dry sprays a mix of 11 selected bacterial species into all your living and working spaces. The spores of the bacteria develop into a living ecosystem that purifies and protects your indoor environment for a long time. The bacteria occupy all surfaces and there remove fine dust particles and other harmful particles.

Even in hard-to-reach places, the bacteria do their work. Together, these old friends form a living bio-filter that neutralises harmful substances and leaves no residue behind. Activating the ecosystem takes just a few minutes. You can enjoy the result for weeks. The only thing the old friends ask of us is to regularly allow new friends to come and strengthen the ecosystem.

Our guarantee: 100% safe, 100% organic, 50% better air quality.

Our promise: All our principles are based on solid scientific principles. Our employees are scientifically trained.


Spray & Wipe: cleaning without water

Following on from the Spray & Go spraying, you can also work with BioOrg to wipe away visible dirt. This process is done entirely without water and without detergents, so that the bacteria present in your indoor forest are not killed and can continue to grow.

Cleaning without water

Cleaning with BioOrg consists of spraying an object or surface with the product Surface Clean. Immediately afterwards, you take a microfibre cloth or mop and rub everything dry. And that’s it!

This new way of cleaning is much more effective in removing dirt than the classic bucket and mop method, and is also much easier and many times more ergonomic.

Discover what BioOrg can do for you to make cleaning even easier. For more information, please visit our online manual here.

Ergonomic and super-fast brushing with BioOrg

Cleaning does not always clean

Classic cleaning products

Cleaning agents only remove visible dirt, and then only in accessible places. Microscopic adhesive layers are then given free rein to attack all surfaces again. Your living and working space then quickly becomes a breeding ground for visible dirt, unpleasant odours and pathogenic dust particles.

→ Every week again dirt and dust
→ Costs water, soap, time and money
→ Physically burdensome, irritating to the skin and respiratory system
→ Harmful to the environment

BioOrg Ecosystem

Good bacteria spread quickly over treated surfaces. They actively break down the adhesive layers where dust and dirt can adhere. Moreover, they work together for a long time to purify the indoor air. A natural ecosystem that heals, purifies and protects. Magic from nature!

→ The indoor environment stays clean and healthy by itself
→ Save water, soap, time and money
→ Ergonomic and clean
→ Takes care of the environment

Become our new cleaning partner?

BioOrg is always looking for motivated partners to bring our revolutionary cleaning method into people’s homes. Are you interested?

2.8 million m²

interior forest planted throughout Europe

112.000 liter

Chemicals avoided

7,1 million liter

drinking water saved