Bring our good old friends back into your living space!

There was a time when man tried to banish
all influence of nature from his surroundings.
Sterile had become the ideal living space.
Today we know that this remedy is at least
as bad for our health as the disease.



Bacteria help humans

The COVID19 crisis has left us breathless and has proven that hygiene and a healthy environment are important. We are painfully aware of the fragility of our lungs. Poor air quality is exacerbating the consequences of COVID19. Catching our breath and taking care of the air in our living and working space is long overdue.

Since 1998, BioOrg has strived to create clean and always very natural living environment. BioOrg is cleverly using nature to help us do this. For years, we’ve been researching the purifying power of good bacteria that can help us humans clean our spaces and improve our natural protection. We apply a living biofilter of microorganisms to your indoor environment that will fight indoor pollution in a sustainable and proactive way. Like in the forest!

WHY BioOrg

Health is in our nature

We don’t realize it enough, but we humans are an integral part of nature. While we like to see ourselves as something independant, we are actually just a small part of a much larger whole. This big picture has a much more fundamental impact on our daily life than we realize.

For example, it has been proven over and over that the balance of bacteria in your intestinal system has a major influence on your mood. In other words, nature and we are one and indivisible. Nature is part of us and we are part of nature. Yet we try, consciously or unconsciously, to ban nature more and more from our lives. The consequences are increasingly being felt.

BioOrg loves people too much to let this happen. We want to take care of the environment and therefore of the people who live there. We want to do it with solutions from nature itself. For too long we have been blind to the real solutions that nature offers to man-made problems. BioOrg’s mission is to find and share these solutions, to restore a sense of well-being that feels right and natural.

This solution is found in an unsightly corner of nature. Microorganisms are such a part of us that we often overlook them. Too bad, because they grew up with us, as good friends, and we share the joys and sorrows. We can also count on them in our search for solutions to clean polluted air and sick environments. Because friendship is in their nature, it is now up to you to accept their wholesomeness, but that should not be a problem.
The Old Friends Hypothesis by Prof. Graham A.W. Rook, BA MB BChir MD
2.8 million sqm

Of planted indoor forests

112,000 litres

Fewer chemicals

7.1 million litres

Saved drinking water

The people behind the bacteria

“In my youth, my father introduced me to the secrets of nature. He showed me the invisible and sacred power of all life around us.

It was only much later that I was able to feel what he had probably also felt: when in need, nature offers us her benevolent cloak, always spreads a comforting blanket. During the long illness and the sad end of my wife, our children and I were very comforted by all that I saw, smelled and felt in our garden.

Normal life therefore continued, no matter how drastically it had changed. It was necessary. At the time, I was running a company that sold protective coatings for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This usually involved heavy chemicals. I wanted to change that because of the health impact and the pollution. I started to look for possible alternatives.

Organic gears

Thinking about the principle of organic composting, I discovered good bacteria. The most basic particles of all this powerful cog in nature have proven to be not only extremely simple and safe to use, but also incredibly powerful for remedial and preventive maintenance applications of technical installations.

A partner for organic

One of the first clients where I was greeted with enthusiasm with my innovation was Filip Willocx, doctor in biotechnology then production manager in a large food company. He became so enthralled with bacteria that he has since become my “organic partner”. He helped me develop BioOrg, through trial and error. We were then, and still are, far ahead of our time. Most of the reactions from the outside world were rather wait-and-see and at times sceptical, but that quickly changed due to our continued success. The first miracle years of our bacterial company BioOrg!

Growing success

Creative experiments and daring projects continued with success, with growing clients who were convinced by their own experience of these incredible benefits: we could remove the burning smell of a gigantic building, we could help people who did not feel very well in the workplace. We were able to eliminate and even prevent pollution in places that were difficult to access for maintenance and inspection …

A bright future

We are now so many years later, and in the meantime, we have refined and scientifically substantiated our dream of bringing the invisible building blocks of nature. Across the country (and even far beyond), we have “purified and dressed” barren deserts of steel and concrete with our bacterial ecosystem and turned them into thriving undergrowth. From prestigious government buildings, trendy hotels and fitness clubs to offices and family homes. I sincerely hope that I can transform your home, building, office or club into a thriving indoor forest soon! “

Koen De Koster, founder of BioOrg. Niel, Boom 01/01/2021


Koen De Koster

Founder / CEO
+32 475 89 57 14
Filip Willocx

Managing Partner / R&D
+32 494 52 48 25

Koen De Koster

Founder / CEO
+32 475 89 57 14
Filip Willocx

Managing Partner / R&D
+32 494 52 48 25


BioOrg works with many Belgian research groups and universities to optimize its services.


Teacher. Dr. Lode Godderis

Teacher. Dr. Johan Neyts

Teacher. Dr. ir. Wouter Saeys

Teacher. Dr. ir. Hans Steenackers

Teacher. Dr. ir. Chris Michiels


Dr. Andy Lambrechts (I2 – IMEC)


Teacher. Dr. ir. Sarah lebeer

Baekeland mandate Max De Keukeleire

Teacher. Dr. Geert Van der Snickt

Higher Maritime Academy

Dr. Olivier Schalm

UCLL Diepenbeek Campus

Dr. ir. Ilse Vermeulen and Dr. ir. Lore castelein


BioOrg is proud to be a member of the European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp (Eu.reca)


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