11 benefits of a healthy indoor climate

Boom, Niel 09/20/2020

The quality of indoor air largely determines a healthy indoor climate. If we can avoid, eliminate or reduce the most common indoor air pollutants, we will already take a big step towards a healthy indoor climate. What are the benefits of a healthy indoor climate?

For BioOrg, the well-being of people in their daily indoor environment is the most important thing. People should feel at home in their own interior space. Whether it’s your workplace or your comfortable sofa. We spend most of our time indoors. So you have to feel completely good there too. What factors now make us feel good on the inside.

Breathing good quality air is essential for BioOrg. Gentle breathing is vital, even small children know it. But not everyone acts accordingly. Better breathing means that we provide an environment that is as dust free as possible. For most people, this means an environment free from visual dust. These people will then vacuum a lot to get rid of the dust. But in doing so, however, they allow many fine particles to circulate in the air. These fine particles are so small that no vacuum cleaner filter will stop them.

The fine dust particles are so small that they can also enter our lungs. There they hinder the exchange of oxygen. This is why particles are so dangerous for our health. Insufficient or reduced supply of oxygen to our organs leads to disease and even premature death.

Irritation and odor

A healthy indoor climate also means an environment with fewer irritating particles floating around in the room. Often we don’t even notice them, but a lot of particles in our indoor air cause irritation. Many people have experienced eye, nose and throat irritation when staying in a certain room for too long. BioOrg bacteria eliminate many of these particles and thus ensure a healthier indoor climate.

Many of our interior elements are a source of indoor air pollution. For example, some plastic parts cause volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to evaporate. These are chemicals that have a significant impact on our health. Some of these substances are even carcinogenic. (Poly-aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs). BioOrg bacteria remove these particles without residual waste. These volatile organic compounds also cause odor nuisance which can cause headaches and even more serious health problems for many people. More BioOrg bacteria = less odor nuisance!

BioOrg bacteria are sprayed dry in the room and settle on all surfaces of the room. Here they metabolize all types of pollutants. The fewer particles there are on the surface, the less particles (dust) are in the air. The less dust particles in the air, the less visual dust.

Our good old friends also interact with the bio-film on surfaces. Such a bio-film is nothing more than an organic adhesive layer that retains visual pollution on the surfaces of the room. BioOrg bacteria dissolve these annoying adhesive layers and leave surfaces clean without residual contamination.

“It might sound strange, but less particles in the air also means more and better clarity of the light inside you. More light has a positive effect on the well-being of everyone in the house. “

Living at home

It might sound strange, but less particles in the air also means better clarity of the light in you. More light has a positive effect on the well-being of everyone in the house. According to Professor Rook, the good bacteria in our indoor environment also ensure a better balance for our immune system. If you want to know more about this thesis from Professor Rook, you can watch a TED talk with Professor Rook on our site. A better balance of our microbiome, both in our internal environment and on and in our body, ensures better mental health. You don’t have to believe us, but there is a plethora of scientific studies on the link between our microbiome and our well-being.

Your mental health will certainly improve if you know that you are cleaning in an eco-friendly way when you clean with BioOrg products. In fact, we’re not just green, we’re even making our planet greener and bringing life into the house, literally.

Our 11 advantages: more oxygen, less fine dust, less visual dust, less irritating particles, no foul odors, reduced PAHs, less adhesive coatings on surfaces, improved immunity, increased mental health, brighter light and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Peter - BioOrg
Peter - BioOrg

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